Sherlock Holmes

The Curtain Rises: Capturing Black Rat’s Production of Sherlock Holmes (2023)

Lights, camera, action! The stage is set, the actors are poised, and it’s showtime! Are you looking to capture the electrifying energy, captivating performances, and compelling narrative of your theatrical production? Look no further!

A Photographic Journey

I’m thrilled to share that I recently collaborated with Black RAT Productions on their 2023 tour of Sherlock Holmes! This wasn’t your typical detective story – Black RAT’s production promised a whirlwind of theatrical fun, and my role was to capture that energy and humor through photography.

From Stage to Social Media

We brainstormed a variety of shots to showcase the production across various platforms. Fast-paced action with blurred movement would be perfect for social media teasers, while high-resolution images would be essential for the program and even billboard advertisements.

Beyond the Curtain

The collaboration wasn’t limited to the stage. I was eager to capture the pre-show buzz backstage, the rapid costume changes, and the dedication of the actors. These glimpses into the unseen world would add another layer to the story for audiences.

A Technical Challenge

Theater lighting can be tricky, so I meticulously adjusted my camera settings to compensate for the varying light conditions. Respecting the performance was also paramount – no flash photography and ensuring minimal disruption were key.

A Memorable Project

This project was truly energizing. Black RAT’s Sherlock Holmes was a hilarious and fast-paced production, and using my photography to capture its essence was incredibly rewarding. Preserving these moments for the program, archive, and even billboards is a unique opportunity I won’t soon forget.

Stay Tuned!

Keep an eye out for Black Rat Productions on social media. You might just see some of my photographs there!


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